Sunday, 15 June 2014

My birthday weekend with Perry


 When I got Perry, I was very happy, because I have so awesome things to do. 
 At 6pm we went to the road because there was a party. This is so we know each other. It was very awesome and funny. When it was dark we were still on the road. Me and Perry and the other children got there bikes and drove on the road at night time. The children said not to drive so fast because it was dark but Perry and me did something dangerous, it was we drove really fast and always nearly bumped in to somebody. At 1am we went of the road. We went to bed and slept.


Perry woke me up at 10am and I said why do you have to wake me up and he said: "Because I am hungry." So I woke up and made breakfast. Then I noticed that today was my birthday party. Perry helped me to put all the party things out and put the food on the table for the friends. Mum asked me if I can do with Perry the last decoration for the cake. Perry helped me pump up the balloons for the party. Know it was 3 o'clock!! My birthday will start. All my friends came to play with me. First we had cake. 
Yum Yum!! Then I opened my presents with Perry!! I got a big Star wars spaceship! 
This how it looks like:
This is the lego star wars space ship
This is the space ship

We did the activities it was awesome. For the activities we had teams. "Team Blue" and "Team White".
Then it was time for my friends to go.
This is the other team
This is my team


Today perry and me went to Play Park. We went to Play Park because it was Jesse´s & Ryan´s birthday!! Perry and me put on our clothes for the Party. We went with Davids car to the birthday party.     
It was so awesome!! We played, we laughed and we did activities just like my party. After a lot of playing we ate cake. After eating Jesse and Ryan opened their presents! Then the party was finished. I had to change my clothes into football clothes because it was my neighbors birthday party!! It was cool too!!! Then that was finished to. I came back very tired but still I read with Perry books for the reading rocks! It was fun reading with Perry. We laughed a lot!! It was sleeping time now. It was very late!


Today was the last day with Perry. I woke up and I had a delicious  breakfast with Perry. After we built my new lego spaceship. Perry and me did bracelets! Then we went to the trampoline and did front flips and stuff like that! 
Doing bracelets 


  1. Wow Luis! What a lot of parties in one weekend! It looked you had a very fun but tiring weekend!

  2. Too many party's Luis and too much fun!
    Great post.
    Perry must have had a great weekend with you.