Sunday, 15 December 2013

Having skiing Fun with Sisi at Pas de la Case

On Saturday Sisi decided to come to ski with dad and me in Andorra.

We thought he would be warm enough with all his fur. However dad decided to leave him on the bus just in case his fingers and toes got cold, as he has no socks or gloves.
Anyway he had other ideas and while we were not looking he jumped in the front pockit of dad's rucksack.

Imagine my surprise when a monkey appeared on my shoulder half way down the piste!

To keep warm he leapt around and jumped from my shoulder to my head, generally being quite naughty.

Sisi thought he saw a spaceship sticking out of the snow.
He asked if there are any chips on Mars I told him we can go to an earth café even if it was half way up a mountain !

Sisi and I shared lunch, including chips. I even let dad have a few.
I went fast down the pistes and I loved it. Sisi and I skied all day, except for when it was lunchtime, down about four or five mountains and we didn't even fall over once!


  1. I think you really enjoyed skiing.
    I LOVE skiing it's one of my favourite things to do.
    Sisi looked very hungry!

  2. So, the monkeys ski!
    (I guess their fur keeps them warm.)

  3. You look really cool in your ski stuff Tobias - even with a monkey scrambling about all over you!