Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Mimi and Popcorn Weekend!

I'm soooo excited to have Popcorn for the weekend!
Today, I'm going to have him! When I got chosen, I was over the moon!
That's only a quarter of my toys (and my sister's)!!!
Friday 13 December
As soon as I got home, I introduced Popcorn to some my toys (and my sister's toys as well!) and I think they became good friends! That's quite a lot, isn't there! He was really happy to meet them.

Saturday 14 December
When I woke up Popcorn was jumping on me. He pulled me and headed straight for the bathroom where I brush my teeth. I now was awake and I stumble-ran, but Popcorn was ahead of me. When I arrived he was brushing his teeth with my toothbrush! So I had to brush my teeth with monkey slobber on it.
Naughty Monkey Slobbers Toothbrush!
We ate breakfast after we had an argument about whose toothbrush it was (MINE!). Popcorn drank all of MY hot chocolate so I had to eat raw sausages and bread!

Next I wanted to play Sims on my iPad so Popcorn followed me. I updated it so my Sims can interact with Santa Claus and Rudolph!

After that, we had to open these shutter thingies made out of wood. Popcorn kept attacking it (them?) with the wooden thingy that he holds on to!

Later, Popcorn wrote a Haiku! I was really pleased! This is what it said :

Mimi has me for
The weekend and it's gonna
Be totally fun!

In the afternoon we had Cordon Bleu and Popcorn wanted some but my mum wouldn't let him and she gave him cucumbers instead.

After lunch, we watched Despicable Me 2. Popcorn watched silently through the movie. I guess he really enjoyed it!

After watching the movie, Popcorn wanted to play fight with some of my toys! He asked my who is in the same rank as him so I chose someone and when he thought that she was easy she beat him up! But he's all right, he just had a shock!

Popcorn had lots of gifts!
Right after he recovered, we wanted to dress up!
Popcorn dressed up as :

Hollywood Actress
He even dressed up as a BABY!
Sunday 15 December
After we had breakfast, played a bit with the toys and iPad, had lunch and mum had a nap, we made brownies! Popcorn wanted to help but my mum said he had to be very careful.

Making brownies was fun, but we were even happier when our dad came back! He was away in Angola because he had important things to do there and we haven't seen him for more than a week. Popcorn was overjoyed to meet him!

At the same time, I lost my tooth!

It was AWESOME having Popcorn, I hope he visits again soon!


  1. Your dad seems to have taken Popcorn in his stride, coming home not just to you, your mum and your sisters, but a small monkey too!

  2. I hope Popcorn wasn't responsible for your tooth falling out? Both Popcorn and Davy do seem to be full of mischief!

  3. Wow really busy weekend Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think popcorn liked dressing up

  5. In wich website did you see deplicable me 2

  6. did he enjoy deplicable me 2