Sunday, 1 December 2013

Davy and Luis

When Davy came back from school he first met a friend called Monkey. They played all rest afternoon. After Monkey had to go to his baby´s and give them some food.

Davy was then very hungry so he decided to bake pizza! We where a bit annoyed because he wanted that and that on the pizza. But we had lots of fun baking pizza.

Davy loved the smell of the pizza!!!!!!!!!!
He loved as well how the pizza looked.
But he did not like to wait until the pizza
is finished.

We had lots of fun eating the pizza. Davy did some funny things.

After we had dinner we where siting on the sofa.
At the same time Monkey had finish giving the food to his baby´s.
I said be quite we are watching a film.

On the next day we put wrapping paper around a present.
After Davy and me where very board because we had nothing to do.
Ten mum called it was time to go to the birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When we where at Dominiks ( The birthday boy)
house we played with his friends getting the three
bad guys.
It was very cool playing the game!!!!!!!!!

After the good first playing we had some yummy cake. Davy said out loudly " YUM YUM YUM YUMY CAKE!!!!!!!!!"

My sister and my Mum where decorating  the
Christmas tree when we where at the party.
Davy thought that it was a climbing tree a so he climbed on  the Christmas tree.

 We had made a Christmas wreath! On sunday, we were on the german "Christams Market" we had a lot of fun with the games and food.



  1. I am exhausted reading about all the things you did over the weekend. Did you have time to sleep? It sounds as if Davy was a bit of a naughty little monkey! I hope Monkey is better behaved? Super write-up Luis.

  2. Great post, Luis. I really must get on with the Christmas decorations at home!

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