Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Maia’s SUPER weekend

By Maia

When Sisi arrived, we went straight to the airport to welcome Maisie and Mollie. They had only come once when they were little. My house had changed a LOT since.Maisie really liked the guinea pigs! Here they are with her:
The cute soft guinea pigs, Buster Ratatouille. Maisie and me
Their names are Buster and Ratatouille. 
Ratatouille is the grey one and Buster is the other one!

The first day we went to the Jardins des Martels. Before we did anything else we had a picnic.
When we got there we enjoyed it, as we could run around.
There were animals, a maze and all sorts of things. We really liked the turtles. Here we are looking at the frogs:
They made a big  racket!!!
The gardens had loads of secret passages, we kept on hiding in them!!!
Maisie, Mollie and me
Would you like to go there? Have you been there? To go to where we are in the photo you go on a mini bridge.
The next day we had the best day ever!
We first went to the ordinary park in Pibrac, then we did an Easter treasure hunt, awesome!! Maisie and me started at the front and Mollie started at the back, Mollie is littler then us. It was great fun! Sisi joined in!
The cooool Easter egg hunt
At the end I got 32!
We shared them out and we each got 18 including my brother.
Do you like Easter eggs? I do. Ours had cream or caramel in, mmmmm...!

We went to a Japanese park and the Japonese garden. First we went on the awesome park. Here we are on the giant tower:
I call it the Eiffel Tower ! What do you call it?
Awesome Eiffel Tower
There was something where you sat down and it turned round and when you touched the ground you jumped high.
Does that sound fun or what?!
Now we did the Japanese garden:
When we went there we explored but then… We decided to play hide and seek, it was fun! First Toby won and Toby again! Can you see us in the picture? Here we are all together:
The garden

Then Maisie and Mollie went to the airport and they went home, so I went to Vega’s house guess who we saw…Perry!!!

They had a lot of fun together, while we played bull dog, a little bit of bicycle, drawings for each other, basket ball.

We were with Abi, Sara too. 
All six of us

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