Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Perry´s wonderful weekend


On friday afternoon I was really exited that Perry was coming to
my house.

On Saturday me and my mum were doing some cookies and Perry helped
as well.

This is when we had finished!
it took my mum a lot of time to

 Don't they look delicious ?
And wonderful ?

At our house we did an

easter egg hunt

 mum hide all the eggs
and after we went to find them
even Max and Lily ( our dogs)
joined us!

Here is Max

this is Lily.

On Sunday we went to "Labyrinthe
de Merville" with the family of Jesse and Ryan to look for easter eggs, there were 50,000 chocolate eggs.

When we where looking for eggs, me and Perry found  new born baby birds. There were lots and all huddled up.

After 1 hour and a half we found 114 chocolate eggs!


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  2. I went to the Labyrinth du Merville too! We were meant to find 36 eggs but weonly found 32! I like your blog post Irene!

  3. What a fantastic Easter weekend you had. I hope you are enjoying this holiday too.

  4. Wow you found a lot of eggs Irene. You found baby birds you were very lucky, but where did you found them in your house or in the Labyrinth du Merville?
    I like your post Irene!