Monday, 21 April 2014

Penelope and Popcorn's Easter weekend.

Friday. Day 1:

On Friday Popcorn and I went to church. The Pastor said ''OK we are going to sing ''. And we sang for two hours! After that we went home. At home we went to sleep.

Saturday. Day 2

The next day we woke up. We didn't want to get changed , but we had to. At one o'clock pm  Popcorn and I went to Rozenn 's house. At her house there is a climbing frame. Popcorn adored the climbing frame. After that we went inside. When we got home we watched Hotel Transylvania, we ate popcorn, but Popcorn didn't have any.

Sunday Day 3:

Mum woke us up and said "HAPPY EASTER". We had a treasure hunt to find our Easter eggers and Popcorn and I found the first one! We found 3 packets of Easter eggs and 3 Bunnies. My Dad had a huge giant bunny.

Popcorn and I went to Alicia's party. We saw Bibi another monkey. We played lots of games and my favourite was the disco Pop corn and Bibi danced together.

Monday Day 4:

Popcorn, Hannah and I took videos and pretended we were on the news. Popcorn had a great time, but he is looking forward to getting back to school.


  1. Glad you had a lovely Easter Penny. I hope you still have some of your chocolate left! Super photos too.

  2. A great post! I wonder what those news videos are like??

    1. YEAH! Me too! I love news papers!