Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Rozenn's long weekend with Sisi

On Saturday my Dad's friends arrived from England to visit us for the weekend. They live on a farm and have some pigs.

Us on the metro

We went into Toulouse by metro. 

We went to Victor Hugo market. Here we are at the "poissonerie"where my Dad shops.

We also went to the cheese stall.

Sisi really wanted to go to Galeries Lafayette to look at kids clothes! 

I got some awesome cloths!

We also went to the top to see the view over the houses. There was a big clock tower.

Afterwards we had to rest and have a drink. Sisi drank most of it. I didn't get much.

Next day...

On Sunday morning my friends and I made strawberry jam.

Sisi helped! Sisi couldn't even stay away from the jam. He was clung to it!

Afterwards we went to the "salon du chocolat" to buy eggs for Easter.

Sisi also had a glass of wine. He drank all of it!

Sisi spotted a chocolate minion!

The very last thing that we did was go to the park. Sisi is a very good climber.

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  1. That was a real "weekend gourmand" that Sisi had! What a great blog post!