Sunday, 6 April 2014

Perry's cool weekend

Perry started with sleeping and he slept and slept........until he realized it was Saturday

Saturday ,

"I am bored" said Perry OK come let's watch the semifinal of cricket India vs South Africa and we watched the semifinal here is a picture
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next we cycled to the swimming pool Jean vauchere,colomiers  and there were little ducklings born in the pond near the pool I  could take a picture of me and perry and the pond  here it is

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the camera could not focus on the ducklings but here is a photo of ducklings I got from internet  which looked like those ducklings.

Then we went inside and saw a dance the swimming pool was collecting money for the  unicef

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we came back and gift wrapped for all the birthday gifts  it was really tiring

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 Sunday ,
we are watching the finals India vs srilanka
Perry was wearing a Indian cricket dress and all my friends were there

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then we watched in theTV

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but India lost but perry told me because I  had to go to David's Birthday, I was really sad when I heard the news that India lost.

The end 


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  2. What a busy weekend you have had. I am sorry the cricket did not go the way you hoped - I know it means a lot to you.
    Your photos don't seem to have uploaded. Perhaps your mum can e-mail them to school and we can sort it out together.

  3. Funny... My first comment disappeared! I must have pressed a 'delete' button...

  4. Thank you Mrs Baldwin For your comment and concern,in my computer the pictures are coming properly.

  5. Ive copied this work and did another post I hope that works.